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My Platform for Portsmouth Public Schools

Our Children, Our Community, Our Future


Language Immersion

Language Immersion is a basic standard in most top ranked public schools. Our students in Portsmouth deserve the opportunity to have the same standard in their schools. Language Immersion is an educational model where students learn core curriculum through the lens of a second language. This curriculum starts in elementary school, usually 1st grade, and continues to middle school and eventually to a Global Studies and World Language curriculum in high schools. Studies show a strong correlation between language immersion linked to increases in academic achievement, higher-order critical thinking, problem solving, and cognitive processing. Students in language immersion programs also have shown improved reading, writing, and math skills. 

Career and Technical Education - Focus on Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence

All children do not want to go to college. Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs offer an alternative to high school students that do not see college as the necessary path for their future. My focus is to expand Portsmouth Public School CTE offerings to include emerging careers in STEM. My prior experience as a Project Manager at ADP in Norfolk, VA, I experienced first hand the shortage of qualified local talent in technology fields including Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. Technology companies are competing for talent in these areas. We owe it to ensure our children in Portsmouth have an opportunity in those lucrative careers.

School Board PTA liaison

PTAs are a critical part of the schools and their success. The PTA at each school serves as the link between the parents and teachers with the common goals of enhancing student learning and enriching the lives of the students at each school. This is why I feel it is important we have the voice of the PTA represented via the school board. A school board PTA liaison will serve to provide a link between the needs of our PTAs and school board decisions. This partnership is key to ensure all of us are aligned for the betterment of our schools.

Competitive Pay for Teachers, Staff, and Auxiliary positions

Our teachers and staff are the heartbeat of our school system. They deserve competitive pay and step increases to ensure the city of Portsmouth retains qualified staff.

Increase Community and Parent Involvement

Education for our children has to continue beyond the walls of the school. To close the education and achievement gap in the city of Portsmouth will require an increase in parent and community involvement. Some students do not have access to the support needed at home and therefore it is important for Portsmouth Public Schools to partner with key community organizations and public city services to fill in the gap where needed.

Full Accreditation for All Schools

Accreditation for our schools is the standard. It is vital that we always meet the standard but also aim for more. Our students deserve exceptional education and as a school board member, my goal is to advocate to ensure we are not only meeting the standard but going above for our students and staff.